Semalt Presents 4 Ways To Find The Best Instagram Influencers For Your Business

Social media has become just as important as a website to businesses. Consumers in today's market want to be able to see and access brands on social media platforms. Brands, on the other hand, need a social media presence to build a relationship with their customers, advertise their products and services, and stay updated on the latest social trends. 

Instagram is a social media platform designed for visual content like videos and photos. It is easy to see why a brand will want to be on Instagram. These brands create amazing product description videos, product photos, or even go live to engage their audience and push sales. 

For startups, getting on your feet and reaping the benefits of Instagram is difficult. This is because people don't know you yet, so they wouldn't follow you just cause you asked nicely. 

Even in situations where you have creative photos and amazing videos on your page, viewers may still be hesitant when it comes to following or engaging with a brand.

Who Are Instagram Influencers? 

Instagram influencers are Instagram users like you, but they have developed the unique ability to influence others because they have well-established credibility and have immersed a large audience. 

From a marketing perspective, an influencer is someone with the ability to convince members of their audience to patronize a brand. These influencers have a large number of followers and high engagement rates from these followers. And when they put products on their pages, they can help convince their audience to buy products or services. Because they are trusted by their followers, their validation might be what you need to kick your business up a notch. 

An increasing number of companies spend thousands of dollars on developing a relationship with influencers so they can expand their reach on the platform. It's no surprise influencer marketing is on the rise, so you need to know what to look for in the best Instagram influencer for your business. 

What To Remember When Hiring An Influencer

Keep your business Goals In Mind

Before you begin researching possible candidates and learning about their engagement rates, or follows, you should write down your business goals. Once you've done this, it is easier to step back and think objectively about how this influencer helps you achieve your goal. 

Why Do You Need An Influencer

There are three main reasons why anyone could need an influencer. 

They are:
Answering this question will guide you choose the right influencer for your business. 

If you need an influencer to increase your Instagram followers, you should start by preparing competitions or quizzes for the public. Next, you get an influencer to take part in the competition, and the winner has a reward. The influencer then announces this competition to their followers who will want to participate, no doubt. 

Similar strategies are being used every day, and it shows amazing results, especially with the right influencer. Always remember to target an influencer whose audience is most likely to like and need your products/ services. 

Does The Influencer Fit Your Brand's Personality?

Influencers are regular people, which means they have personalities that differ. So brands need to find an influencer that matches the image they are trying to project on their audience. If there is no alignment, the chances are that your content is reaching the wrong audience, which results in low ROI. This is why it's important that you have a clear idea of your campaign goals and your influencers.

For example, an influencer who drives high-end cars will be the perfect influencer for a brand selling luxurious car accessories. But hiring an influencer who teaches how to swim in rivers will be useless.  

Look For Real Engagement

Engagement is the core of what you're doing. You need an audience to interact with your content and brand. And to get this, you need an influencer who also enjoys engagement. This is where quality over quantity matters.

In 2021, the average engagement rate for an Instagram influencer was rated 3%, but influencers with less than 1,000 followers enjoyed better engagement rated 8%. In most cases, the number of engagements goes down as the number of followers increases. Here is how to know if an influencer truly has an audience:

Check The Comments 

HBO did a documentary in 2021 where they named three non-famous people with no more than 2,500 followers. They realized that many "influencers rely on bots and fake "all-expense paid" photoshoots to win over brands. The chances are that if you go in blindly, you will fall victim to these fake influencers. 

One of the easiest ways to validate an influencer is by visiting the comment sections of their posts. If you find comments like "nice pic," "cool dress," or "looking good" many times, it is an indicator that the influencer may be using bots. Instead, you should see a substantial amount of relevant and conversational comments as they show real engagement. 

Search For Word Of Mouth Reactions 

Real followers have questions; they make personal statements, they also tag their friends on posts. When scouting for the perfect influencer, check their comment sections and see if real followers are interested in their posts. 

Explore The Hashtags Related To Your Brand

It is better to get influencers who are already talking about your brand and product. They might be your best option to promote your brand. 
Searching hashtags on Instagram can be helpful in finding influencers in your industry. Here are some tips you will need:

Avoid high-Density Hashtags

Hashtags are social media definition of a keyword. They are used to tag posts to keywords. High-density hashtags are the most used hashtags on Instagram. But searching for an influencer here will be a waste of time; instead, you should focus on longtail keywords. 

It is easier to sort through low-density keywords because the number of posts goes down. 

Use Relevant Keywords

You should research keywords that describe your brand and target audience. Your focus should be on tags with a good number of posts so you can find impactful influencers. 

Use an Influencer Platform

The methods mentioned above are both manual and time-consuming. Fortunately, there are influencer marketing platforms available for brands to find the right influencer in just a few clicks. 

You can search for the most suitable influencer for your brand using parameters that filter out irrelevant influencers. 

Complete Campaign management 

These platforms also make it easier to manage your influencer marketing campaigns. You can control campaign features such as advertisement text, graphics, social media mentions, influencer payments, winner's details, and more. 

Real-time Analytics 

With these tools, you can calculate the various campaign metrics like their reach, engagement, ROI calculations, and URL tracking. On these platforms, you should also be able to generate daily, weekly, and monthly reports that can be shared with the marketing team and board members.  

Please keep the following factors in mind when choosing an influencer platform:


Influencer marketing has become a necessity for businesses trying to reach new audiences on social media platforms like Instagram. It is important that you get the right influencer so you can enjoy a good ROI. 

With that being said, you should focus your effort on finding an influencer that matches your business and your plans for the future. Hopefully, these tips will guide you in your search. 

Have you used Instagram influencer marketing before? If you need help getting the expected result, you can contact Semalt, and we will help in every way we can.